Have you met Balanced by Ruby?


Let us introduce you to the team bringing balance and a more well-rounded lifestyle to many in the Melbourne and Brunswick East community. We love what Ruby and her team are about, and we’re sure once you get to know her, you will too.

Tell us a little bit about Balanced by Ruby and what you do.
Balanced by Ruby is an all-encompassing fitness and lifestyle personal training service based in East Brunswick, founded by me, Ruby Turton. My philosophy is everything in moderation, I always have and always will encourage my clients to live a balanced life; enjoying its pleasures whilst also focusing on the aspects that make them feel the strongest and best versions of themselves. I train female-identifying clients from 19 to 69, with a focus on strength training, mixed with conditioning and Pilates. My goal at the end of the day is to instill confidence and empowerment in women of all ages.

When and what inspired you to create the Balanced by Ruby community?
I knew when I was studying to be a trainer that I wanted to encourage people to move to be the best versions of themselves, not trying to fit some societal expectation. I want people to move selfishly, so that they feel amazing, not to please anyone else. Once that concept is instilled in my clients it's amazing the difference it makes to their training and in turn their lifestyle. 
As a teenager, I had a lot of trouble with eating disorders and body dysmorphia and always thought exercise was a chore. When I discovered Pilates, boxing, and strength training I realised that it's something we do to honour our body, to feel empowered and that endorphins are basically the best thing since sliced bread. I started Balanced by Ruby in late 2019 to help educate others on how amazing movement can be, not just for our physical health but for our mental and emotional health too. 


If you could pick one up exercise/movement everyone should be doing - what would it be?
Stretching! It's scary how little we all stretch, yet it's so important. Ten minutes a day of gentle spinal movement can make all the difference. I'm also a big fan of weightlifting and have a thing for barbells. There's an insane feeling of power and purpose that comes over my clients when I see them lift something heavy; it gives us a sensation we're capable of anything which I just love. 
You’ve recently become an ambassador for Move Active, what is your favourite item from Move?
 Ooh it's so hard to choose just one! I teach all my classes in their crew grip socks, and the tie-dye ones are definitely a current favourite. All of their equipment is on high rotation at the moment, in particular, the fabric bands and pilates ball - there is just so much you can do with these two and I'm always experimenting with new moves to incorporate into classes. 

Outside of work, what do you love to do?
 When I'm not in the studio training clients or myself, I'm out with friends and family trying new restaurants and bars or sneaking down to the beach for the weekend. I love to travel but the last couple of years has definitely put a spanner in the works there!
Lastly, what’s your ultimate Spotify playlist to work out too and #1 best workout song?
I make up lots of different playlists as I teach a wide variety of classes (Strength Training, Barre, Strength Pilates) and clients. I love finding remixed classics to add in and anything that I know will energise clients whilst they're working up a sweat. Nearly all of my playlists however include Donna Summer, Robyn, Solange, Dua Lipa, and Flight Facilities. Madonna's 'Burning Up' is a 10/10 workout song.